The First Congo Community Campaign

Dear Friends of First Congo Nursery School,

On September 9th we reopened our doors after nearly six months and welcomed back our teachers and students. Watching our three and four year olds connect with one another and our teachers after a months-long absence made us feel deep gratitude for our special school.

This year we have faced unprecedented challenges, but we believe our work has never been more important. The First Congo team has worked tirelessly to keep all of our teachers employed, serve our families and emerge from this crisis in a state where we can continue to provide a thoughtful, child-centered, play-based program in a warm and loving environment.

I take pride in knowing that our school has been responsibly managed for over fifty years and that we were able, despite tremendous odds, to open our doors this fall. The challenges posed by the pandemic, however, are without parallel and require that we raise additional funds or face a large shortfall. We are asking for your help in supporting our beloved school.

Our goal is to raise $130,000. Any amount helps and is deeply appreciated. Your donation will help us pay our extraordinary teachers, provide scholarships to students who need them, and preserve First Congo Nursery School for generations to come.

Your support means the world to us, and to our entire First Congo community.