Venessa Holtham

Our four year old came here for a year and we all found it an incredibly positive experience. Our boy is a big personality: bright, sensitive, funny, energetic, impulsive, quick to trigger and he remembers absolutely everything.  He instantly loved First Congo and couldn’t wait to get there. The mix of play, fun, diverse themes and learning within a set of gentle but clear boundaries appealed to him and he really progressed in a way we didn’t expect.  He loved all his teachers and he blossomed with each new term when the classes rotate.  The kindness and understanding shown by both teachers and parents alike to the children is lovely.  He even got into music – which he’d previously shown no interest in at all.

Our little one could be a handful and we learned a lot about how to redirect his frustration, what to expect from his age group (what’s perfectly normal and what can be worked on) and how to simply get on with your day in a productive and happy way. The parenting lessons were worthwhile and enjoyable – plus you actually learned something in a way you remembered and that was practical to implement.